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Christophe van Cutsem

Let's succeed together

From strategic decision making to developing your e-commerce website, I am there to help you through consulting and performance marketing services. 


Together, we will work to improve your online results through:

  • Improved advertisement funnels,

  • Better online strategies,

  • Analysing and testing your website (CRO),

  • Improved landing pages, 

  • Automated emails that convert those that didn't make a purchase yet & make past customers come back

  • ...

Who am I?

My name is Christophe van Cutsem and I'm a freelance consultant helping brands achieve their maximum online potential. After several years of experience within an agency, I've decided to start my own project as to have more freedom to improve my client's turnover.


I've dealt with numerous clients from the EU, the UK and the US and with these brands I'm proud to say we managed to improve their online results year on year.

Shoot me a message and I'll recontact you to determine if I can fulfil your needs.

Christophe van Cutsem and his dog Loki in Italy

My Services

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